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Welcome to the Undergraduate Physics Wiki. This is an experimental piece of work, the modest goal of which is to gather all information which is related to the undergraduate physics laboratories into a single easy to access location. As I see it, there are two major objectives, that the information is sufficiently detailed and that the information is easy to find. I guess a third objective would be that the information is easy to enter, but I digress. From my experiences over the past year I believe that Wiki technology is a good starting point. I have quite a few ideas about how it might be improved, but it exists right now! Certainly, it is incomplete, I have only entered information about courses and experiments which I have direct knowledge about.

Mark Orchard-Webb

The goal of this page has now been extended to include all of the Physics and Math courses offered at McGill. Feel free to view these pages, edit them, and add to them. Note: The "wheels are in motion" to significantly upgrade this project. Your support is appreciated. Email me with any comments or suggestions, especially if you are a member of an Undergrad or Grad student society (of any department).

Adriano Ferrari

Lab Courses

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Non-lab Courses



Lab Reports

Almost all physics lab courses require that you submit a written report and it is upon the merit of this report that you are graded. Please take the time to review the page on writing reports.



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